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Exterior House Painting: Signs It’s Time to Paint

Exterior house painting is extremely important for every homeowner to keep up with so your house looks its best. A fresh coat of exterior paint can do wonders for the appearance of your home, but how do you know when it’s time to repaint? In general, homeowners should plan to repaint their house’s exterior every 10 years, or sooner depending on various factors such as climate conditions, quality of paint, and maintenance. In this blog, we’ll explore the signs that indicate it’s time for exterior house painting services.

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Maintaining the exterior of your house is vital to preserving the beauty and value of your property. Here are a few signs to look out for so you know when it’s time to paint.

Peeling is perhaps the ultimate sign that you need to repaint your home. Over time, moisture gets under the paint causing it to dry up and come loose. If the paint is peeling or flaking, it must be removed and repainted.

Cracking and Gaps
Over time, weather conditions such as sandy wind, strong sunlight, and storms can cause the paint on the exterior of your home to bubble or crack. Once you see gaps or cracks from door and window frames it is probably time to call a professional to caulk and seal areas between the walls, windows, and doors and apply a fresh coat of paint to get your house looking like new.

Consistent sun exposure and water intrusion are the main causes of paint fading. Once the colors lose their vibrancy, it is a sign that the house exterior needs a fresh coat of paint. Pick your colors wisely, as darker colors don’t last as long because they tend to absorb more sunlight and heat, especially in warmer climate areas.

Rotting wood
Paint helps protect your home’s exterior walls. So, if you have a wooden house or trim and start to see rotting, it’s a sign that your home needs a new paint job to stop further damage.

The life span of paint varies across different paint brands. Poor-quality paints will usually last about 5 years, while high-quality paints will last longer, up to ten years.

If the exterior paint on your home is faded, peeling, or cracking, or if the color just doesn’t appeal to you anymore, it’s time to call in the professionals. Whatever your painting needs may be, Bicalho Pro Services is ready to help with any exterior house painting projects. Visit us at BicalhoProServices.comGoogle, or call us at 561-672-4970 to get a free quote today!



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