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Professional Water Damage Repair

Any type of water damage to your home or business is a headache. Our team of experts is dedicated to offering water damage repair services for all types of residential and commercial properties. Water damage restoration and repair are very important even if the water intrusion has been stopped because the damaging effects will continue to harm you and your property. 

Water damage has a variety of causes, such as flooding, heavy rain, plumbing issues, burst pipes, and more, if left untreated, it can lead to more damage to your home or business, and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Our team of specialists have experience with repairing water damage of all kinds in any building.

Whether it’s a roof leak, burst pipe, or flooding caused by severe weather, contact Bicalho Pro Services to take care of all your water damage repairs. After repairing the water damage to your property, we can also provide you with additional painting services for your home or business.

Experienced Water Damage Repair Company

Water damage is a pain point for all residential and commercial property owners. Regardless of the source, water damage can quickly worsen without immediate action and result in significant property damage. Bicalho Pro Services responds to any water damage repair near me situation at any time anywhere in Broward County, FL, and surrounding areas. Our water damage repair process is fast, professional, and reliable.

Our trained and fully-equipped team of professionals can handle all levels of water damage. Our services will stop the spread of water damage by removing any excess moisture, making sure all affected areas are dry, removing damaged drywall, and repairing or re-installing any drywall in the walls or ceilings.

We have years of experience dealing with water damage repair solutions for commercial and residential properties. Whether it is a major or minor problem, Bicahlo Pro Services is here to assist with any water damage repairs your property will need.

Water Damage Repair Services We Offer

Drywall removal because of water damage at a commercial property

Causes of Water Damage

Below are a few reasons why you might experience water damage to your property:

Signs You Could Have Water Damage

Water can cause considerable damage to your home or business if left unresolved for an extended period of time. Many people think they will immediately notice water damage, the truth is that it is easy to miss the early warning signs. Even after seeing early signs of water damage, people still wait to repair the issue.

Instead of waiting for the water damage to get worse, you must be proactive and look for early warning signs. This will keep the cost of repair and restoration down, and will also prevent water from damaging other areas and contents of your property. 

To successfully prevent water damage repair drywall before it starts or to prevent issues from developing, you need to know what to look for. Below are some signs to keep an eye out for when looking for water damage and then you should take action immediately. 

Warping of flooring, walls, or ceiling: Early warning signs of water damage is the peeling or bubbling of paint or wallpaper on your walls or ceilings. The swelling of drywall is a sure sign of water damage. Wet flooring can easily go unnoticed. Ceramic tile will show signs of mold and grout cracks. Vinyl tile will begin to peel and crack when wet. Wood and laminate floors will begin to warp or buckle. 

Visible stains on walls or ceiling: Stains develop if there is a slow, consistent leak. Most water stains are a yellowish-brown color and typically expand in irregular shapes. The water stains form as areas go through a repeated cycle of getting wet, then drying, and then getting wet again.

Visible mold:
Mold will appear if areas are consistently damp. Mold damage is commonly found in kitchens, bathrooms, basements and anywhere excess moisture goes unnoticed. All molds pose health risks and need to be dealt with right away.

Musty odors: If you notice a musty smell, inspect the area especially if it feels damp or humid. Additionally, look for other signs such as stains or mold.

Higher than usual water bill:
A sudden increase in the water or sewage bill is another potential sign of water damage. Review the bill and compare it to other recent bills, a sudden spike in usage that can’t be explained could mean there is an issue.

Outdated pipes and plumbing:
Inspect all visible pipes, faucets, and valves on a regular basis to ensure they are not leaking. Since many pipes run through your walls you can listen to see if you hear any dripping. The sound of water moving or dripping could be a sign there is a leak somewhere in the walls and it is time to call in the professionals to fix or replace the pipes or plumbing.

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ignore Water Damage

Call the Professionals

No matter the cause, we’ve got you covered. From residential homes to commercial buildings, we provide efficient relief and recovery following all kinds of water disasters. When choosing Bicalho Pro Services you will have peace of mind when overcoming devastating water damage that the job has been done right.  We are the company that gets there fast, does the best work possible, and helps you get back to your life. 

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