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Need an expert for painting, staining, or refinishing cabinets for your home or business? Look no further. Updating your outdated cabinets is easier than you might think! When you’re looking for professional cabinet painters, Bicalho Pro Services is your best choice. Cabinet painting and refinishing are one of our specialties. Bicalho Pro Services is one of the few painting companies in the Broward County, FL area that provides top-quality cabinet and refinishing services that will make your cabinets look brand-new again.

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Whether you are interested in giving your kitchen or bathroom a fresh, new look, our team at Bicalho Pro Services will bring new life to old-looking cabinets with our custom cabinet painting services. We offer the best cabinet painting and refinishing services for both residential and commercial projects. Instead of replacing outdated, old cabinets, save time and money by refinishing or painting your cabinets. Our cabinet painting, staining, and refinishing services will transform cabinets to look like they came out of a store showroom.

Before we start any project, we consult with the client about whether painting or staining is the best option for the cabinets. We then go over the color desired, paint quality, and the timeline for the job. Not all cabinets are alike, so we want to make sure we provide the highest quality services to meet the client’s expectations and 100% satisfaction when the work is done. After all, is said and done, our professional cabinet painting and refinishing services will refresh your home’s interior appearance. 

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Painting vs. Refinishing Cabinets

When you’re looking to update a kitchen or bathroom in your home, painting and refinishing the cabinets will give you the fresh, new look you are looking for. If you’re debating whether to paint or refinish your cabinets, read below to learn about which option may be best for you.

Cabinet Painting 
Bicalho Pro Services offers professional cabinet painting services that will update and modernize your kitchen and bathroom. If you’re looking for a custom color that isn’t natural wood, painting is the right option for you. This is a great choice if you want a solid color instead of a more natural, traditional look. Painting cabinets is a great way to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom without purchasing all new cabinets, which can be very expensive.

Cabinet painting is a cost-effective project that can save you a significant amount of time and money. A cabinet color change usually takes between 3-5 days to complete and doesn’t involve any dust, mess, or odors. The main advantages of painting cabinets are you can choose a color you like – the color possibilities are endless – and paint makes cabinets look a lot more modern than stains and other finishes. 

Our team uses two techniques when painting cabinets, we either use the spray method or the traditional brush and roll method to paint the cabinets. Both methods will transform the look of your cabinets, but the spray method will look more polished and have a seamless look. Before we start any painting job, we will consult with you and let you know which option would be best for you.

Cabinet Refinishing
Cabinet refinishing is simply the sanding down and restaining of your existing cabinets. If you have older cabinets that you do not want to replace and are looking to extend their life, our expert team can strip and stain the cabinet doors and drawers which will restore and bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

Bicalho Pro Services cabinet refinishing services will restore your wooden cabinets to their original appearance. If you have wood cabinets, refinishing them will show off the wood grain and make your kitchen look more traditional. Cabinet refinishing enhances the natural look of wood surfaces. Refinishing is an effective way to restore rich color and tone to cabinets, remove stains, and correct discoloration.

Refinishing cabinets is a great choice if they are made from high-quality materials, like solid wood. Our team uses state-of-the-art refinishing techniques that cause minimal wear to wood surfaces, providing full restoration of the cabinets. Cabinet refinishing does require more sanding and can be messier, so it generally takes longer than painting. If you are looking to enhance and maintain the integrity of cabinets, this is the option for you.

Our Cabinet Painting & Refinishing Process:

Bicalho Pro Services has a team of trained expert painters that will prepare, prime, and paint or stain your cabinets or other surfaces. Allow our professional team to do the work for you to ensure that your home or business looks its best. From start to finish Bicalho Pro Services will work to make your entire cabinet painting or cabinet refinishing experience professional and unforgettable.

We specialize in using the best cabinet stripping and painting methods that match or exceed the paint manufacturer’s guidelines. Additionally, we use quality Sherwin-Williams, BEHR, and Benjamin Moore paints and stains for every project, leaving your home looking brand new. Check out our process below. 

Before we start, our team masks off all areas that are not being painted. We then remove all the cabinet doors and drawers. Additionally, we remove all hardware and carefully clean cabinets, removing dirt, grease, and other types of build-up with a degreaser. If they need to be sanded we take care of any sanding to eliminate any imperfections as well as retouch fine edges and corners.

Once all cabinet doors, drawers, and frames are clean, we prime all surfaces to ensure adhesion then paint or stain the color that you have chosen. If your cabinets require another coat of paint or stain, we repeat the process. Wait for the paint or stain to dry.

3. Installation
When the paint or the stain is 100% dry, we will re-install the old hardware, or if you choose new hardware we will install that on the cabinet drawers and doors. Our team will then reassemble the cabinets with their new finish.

4. Clean Up
Once re-installation is complete, we make sure all dust, debris, and trash are cleaned up and removed. We make sure all dust is removed and the room is wiped down. Our job is not complete until you inspect the cabinets and make sure you are completely satisfied with the overall look. 

Painting & Refinishing Services

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Are you looking for kitchen cabinet painting Fort Lauderdale, kitchen cabinet painting Boca Raton, or other areas? No problem! Bicalho Pro Services is dedicated to providing quality residential and commercial cabinet painting services throughout Fort Lauderdale, FL, Parkland, FL, Weston, FL, Boca Raton, FL, Davie, FL, Hollywood, FL, Coral Springs, FL, and surrounding South Florida communities. We paint and refinish a variety of cabinets and a variety of surfaces that includes railings, banisters, awnings, and much more.

Enjoy professional cabinet painting and refinishing services with Bicalho Pro Services. Call us today to enhance the look of dull and dingy cabinets to a stunning state throughout your home or business. If you’re interested in our painting services, request a free estimate either by filling out the form online or by calling us at 561-672-4970.

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