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Drywall repair and installation

Professional Drywall Repair & Installation


Whether you have a hole or crack in your drywall, Bicalho Pro Services is equipped to service a variety of small and large-scale residential and commercial drywall repair needs. Looking to install new drywall? We also handle full-blown drywall installations as well.

If you need to split a room or office into two or add an addition to your home, we’ve got you covered. Our team can handle any drywall and sheetrock installation jobs that will make a big difference to your home or business. 

To supplement our drywall repair services, Bicalho Pro Services also provides skim coating services to repair damaged walls and smooth down wall textures. 

For any interior paint jobs to look their best, it’s necessary to have even walls and a smooth finish. Skim coating refers to adding a thin layer or coat of joint compound and then scraping off the excess with a putty knife. Adding a skim coat is important to any drywall finishing project because it gives your wall a nice smooth finish and will ensure that paint will go over smooth and look fantastic.

Whether its one wall or an entire home or business that needs skim coating, our skim coating specialists will provide you with walls that look their best. 

You can count on the team at Bicalho Pro Services to get all your drywall repair or installation projects done right and at an affordable price. 

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Bicalho Pro Services provides expert drywall repairs and installations for: