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Are you looking for a popcorn ceiling removal company? Look no further! In addition to our outstanding residential painting and commercial painting services, Bicalho Pro Services offers professional popcorn ceiling removal services for all types of homes and businesses. Our experienced team of drywall and ceiling repair professionals will expertly remove the popcorn ceilings, retexture them, and give your home or business the sleek, updated finish you’re looking for.  

Popcorn ceilings were popular at one point however, nowadays people generally don’t like this outdated style. Today more and more homeowners are interested in getting rid of these textured surfaces because not only is popcorn hard to keep clean – dust in particular – but the popcorn’s bulky, chunky texture can take away from other features in the room. Removing the popcorn surface can have a huge impact on making any room feel more welcoming.

Popcorn Removal Services Near Fort Lauderdale

Leave popcorn ceiling removal to the professionals, it’s not only a hassle, but it can be harmful to your health if the proper precautions aren’t taken – sealing the room from other parts of the house to keep dust at bay and wearing a mask during the process for instance. When you hire our team of professionals, we will save you time and the hassle to do the job yourself.

The cost for popcorn ceiling removal is based on the square foot of the area and can take you more than a week to complete the job yourself. When you call Bicalho Pro Services, the project will be done faster and cleaner over a DIY approach. The money you invested in our popcorn ceiling removal services will be well worth your time, and money, and we guarantee you’ll love the finished results!


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Reasons for Popcorn Ceiling Removal

If you are tired of a textured ceiling, dealing with dust build-up, and looking for a modern, clean-lined design, it is time to call the professionals. Bicalho Pro Services’ goal is to offer all clients popcorn removal services that will give homes an updated look and feel. Below you find the key reasons why you should remove popcorn texture from your ceiling or walls. 

  1. Updates your spaces, giving them a modern, clean, and finished look.
  2. Without a popcorn ceiling, it is easier to patch and touch up drywall.
  3. Modern ceilings are easier to keep clean and don’t attract and harbor dust particles and allergens.
  4. Contributes to the quality of the indoor air in your home or business.
  5. Increases the value of your property.


Bicalho Pro Services employee removing popcorn from the ceiling in the living room at home in Hollywood, FL

Popcorn Removal Services FAQ's

How long does the popcorn removal process take?
The timeline for our popcorn removal services depends on the size of the area and the finish you select. A typical small popcorn removal project takes up to two working days while an entire house, depending on the number and size of the rooms, can be done in about a week. Once again, depending on the finishes such as painting after removing the popcorn ceilings – that can add more time to the project. Our team is dedicated to getting the job done properly and in a timely manner so as not to cause too much disruption to your life. 

What is the cost of removing the popcorn ceiling? 
Determining the total price depends on several factors such as total square footage, ceiling elevation, furniture left in the rooms, and your desired finish. The average cost for popcorn ceiling removal is usually 2 to 3 dollars per square foot. Certain finishes and painting services are add-ons to the initial cost. Before starting any work, the company owner will measure the area, will recommend what work exactly needs to be done, provide a timeline, discuss the overall cost of the job including any add-ons such as painting, and will answer any additional questions you may have.  

What happens after the popcorn is removed?
Once the popcorn is removed, our team will repair any cracks or damages to the drywall, create a smooth surface, and prime. Additionally, if you decide to paint the ceiling, we offer that service as well (a minimal fee will be included in the overall price). 

Popcorn removal is a messy project, do you have to leave the home when the work is being done?
Popcorn ceiling removal is a messy job but we do our best to keep your home clean throughout the entire process. You do not have to leave during the popcorn removal process but we do recommend that you avoid the specific rooms when the work is being done as our team does turn off the AC, so dust and particles do not spread throughout the house and we seal the areas off from other rooms to keep particles contained.

Ultimately it is up to you if you’d like to stay in your home or stay at a friend’s or relative’s house as you can not inhabit the room that is being renovated. 

Will removing the popcorn increase the value of a home?
There is no way to determine the actual increase in value of your home after the removal of popcorn. However, removing popcorn modernizes the outdated look of the interior making it more appealing to buyers when you decide to sell. Because older homes mainly had popcorn ceilings, buyers will appreciate the fact that they won’t have to take on the removal project themselves. Additionally removing popcorn increases your odds of selling your home over another in your neighborhood that contains popcorn.

What prep do I need to do before you start?
Before our team arrives, we ask that you remove any window treatments, small furniture pieces, lamps, and any other breakable small items from the room. When we arrive we will either move out any additional pieces of furniture or cover them in plastic. 

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Bicalho Pro Services is dedicated to providing quality residential and commercial professional popcorn removal services throughout Fort Lauderdale, FL, Parkland, FL, Weston, FL, Boca Raton, FL, Davie, FL, Hollywood, FL, Coral Springs, FL, and surrounding South Florida communities.

Our team will give your home a new fresh, up-to-date look with our popcorn ceiling removal service. We have completed numerous popcorn removal projects with seamless ease and efficiency. If you’re interested in our popcorn removal services, request a free estimate either by filling out the online form or by calling us at 561-672-4970 today.

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